FREE Concert Tonight! Tribute to Ric Gillman with the CharterKats

Thursday, August 11, 6 PM – ??
Harry Nelson Rec Center

Bring a chair, your dancing shoes, some grub or get a brat from Charlie, and settle in as the Island pays tribute to our beloved Ric Gillman. As CharterKat Jeff V put it:

We’ve made a lot of music for a lot of years for a lot of reasons … but I’m not sure the motivation was ever so pure as with the CharterKats… It was never for money unless we gave it away. Never to play hot licks, though I think we did on occasion. Never for the party (much). Not for the chicks, we were already too old & ugly even then 🤣 … it was only and always about making fun music with fun people for fun people! … After 7 or 8 lost years, we’re back, albeit one Kat short 😞 … I’m not sure it’s like riding a bike, but come and decide for yourself if you can: Madeline Island this Thursday 6pm till ? … And tip a few for Captain Ric, he was our captain… and he still is…👣🎶💕

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