Creating opportunities for artists, promoting art edu­cation, and showcasing the arts on Madeline Island.

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The La Pointe Center for the Arts (LPC) is a non-profit organization that supports the arts on Madeline Island. Over the years the La Pointe Center for the Arts has contributed to the arts in various ways by creating opportunities for artists.

The Spirit of Madeline Beadwork
Positivity Children's Theatre Performance

We promote art education, showcase the arts through a gallery and retail space, produce theatrical and concert performances, create literary opportunities, sponsor artist residencies, promote arts in the school, provide grants, and sponsor events in the community.

This has provided the Madeline Island community with entertainment, cultural enrichment, socialization, education, and empowerment opportunities that foster a sense of identity, pride, and connection.

Our History

Completed Dug Out Canoe in front of the La Pointe Center Gallery.

The dream of the La Pointe Center Board was to have an Arts Center with spaces for classes, exhibitions, and performances. Headed by Mary Lange, plans were drawn up. Patrons were to purchase land and the centrally located property was indeed purchased across from Tom’s Burned Down Cafe.

Ultimately, the project did not come to fruition and the land was sold. That money was used to purchase the present day La Pointe Center and Art Guild Gallery condominium space.

Some of the major milestones in our organization’s history are shown below.


La Pointe Center, Inc. is established, started by Mary Lang.


Madeline Island Art Center is established by Max Lein and Mort Cushman.


Madeline Island Art Guild is established as a non-profit organization. First Gallery exhibit.


Regranting Program begins along with our Wisconsin Arts Board partnership.


Positivity Children’s Theater first production, “The Girl, the Fish and the Medallion”, written by Natalie Lacy.


Art Guild changes name to La Pointe Center Art Guild & Gallery.


La Pointe Center for the Arts becomes the organization’s official name.


Performing Arts concert series begins.


Madeline Island Literary Society begins.


Artist in Residence program begins.



Showcased below are some of our accomplishments. This work was completed thanks to generous donations from people like you! Please consider supporting the La Pointe Center for the Arts.


Our Board

In endeavoring to fulfill its mission, the La Pointe Center for the Arts continues the dream of its founders, patrons, and supporters. Past Board members have been instrumental in establishing an arts community on the island and making Madeline Island a welcoming place for artists and those who support the arts.

Lagoon in the Fall

Board of Directors

Peggy Ross – Board Chair

Peggy and her husband began coming to the Apostle Islands in the summer of 2002, enjoying the beauty of the islands on their sailboat. They eventually made the decision to purchase property on Madeline Island with the hope of building a retirement home. First came the summer lodging, and upon retirement in 2017, their year-round home was built.

Peggy is a retired educator and administrator in elementary education. Throughout her life she has enjoyed the outdoors and makes the most of every season. To Peggy, the natural beauty of the island offers a new and inspiring picture every day.

Cynthia Mueller – Board Secretary

Cynthia, and her husband Steven, have been visiting Madeline Island since the 1990s. During their visits, they fell in love with the natural beauty of the south shore of Lake Superior and the vibrant arts community they found nurtured on Madeline Island. It was after Cynthia retired from teaching that she and Steven moved to the island for six months of the year. On the island, you can find Cynthia on the north end gardening, walking her dogs in the wilderness preserve, and pursuing her own arts.

Micaela Montagne – Board Treasurer

Micaela moved to the Island in 2006 after vacationing and boating in the area since being a child. She has always been a fan of the arts and being a part of this great community. She likes to spend her time with her family and in the outdoors. She shares her love of knowledge by teaching at the La Pointe School, as well as working as a Librarian at the Madeline Island Library.

Ken Goldfine

As a child growing up in Duluth, MN, Ken was introduced to the Apostle Islands while boating with his family. For most of his adult life he has spent the summers living at the Madeline Island marina on his boat, the Kinship. When he and his husband Andrew purchased a home in La Pointe, Ken became more involved in the community including the La Pointe CFA. In his previous life he worked in the family hotel business, ZMC Hotels, Inc. where he led the company as CEO for 15 years until his retirement in 2015. Ken and Andrew love island life and enjoy golf, pickleball, boating, skiing, traveling, and the rich arts community of the area.

Steve Law

Steve grew up in Hopkins, MN and has been coming to Madeline Island for 60 years. His father loved sailing for many years; the family would charter a sailboat to cruise the Apostle Islands. He participated in many race weeks and can tell as many tall tales of the races he was in as a lot of the salty dogs on the island. His family ultimately built a home on the island that his brothers and families still own. His roots are growing deeper there.

He went to St. Olaf College then received his DDS from the University of Minnesota. He then moved to Denver, CO to start a dental practice. He served the patients of Metropolitan Dental Care until his retirement in 2021. MDC just finished its 40th year of business and the legacy of the practice he built lives on.

Since retirement he has spent more and more time on the island. The more time on Madeline the more time he wants to be there.The extraordinary beauty of the water, the islands and the fascinating people there inspire him to want to contribute to the community of La Pointe.

He loves creating and performing music.

Rae Lesmeister

Rae and her husband ran a resort on the south shore of Lake Superior in the late 80s and were captivated by Lake Superior and Madeline Island. Every year since running the resort they have spent time on Madeline Island fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking the Apostle Islands.

Rae and Tim eventually built a home on Madeline Island and continue to spend many months relishing their time there. As she traveled the world in her role heading up Organization Development for Cargill, Rae developed an appreciation of the arts that led to her involvement with the arts where she goes. Rae is currently a consultant in the areas of strategy execution and culture assessment for strategy alignment and mergers and acquisitions. Rae currently serves as a board member for Perspectives, a non-profit organization in Minnesota.

Ronnie Harrold

Ron moved to Madeline Island in 1997. Prior to living on the island, Ron lived in Minneapolis where he spent 17 years working for a company that did tour and retail merchandising for the entertainment business, with a focus on rock n roll bands. In 1998, he bought Motion to Go which he owned and operated until 2022.

As soon as Ron moved to the island, he could tell there was a thriving art community, especially for such a small population. With Motion to Go next door to the La Pointe Center Gallery, he was able to see first-hand a lot of what the La Pointe Center for the Arts does. He is excited to be on the board and work with people that share a passion for the arts and this community.

Joan Molloy Slack

Joan has been involved in the arts in a variety of ways. She is a professional artist working in fiber, clay and mixed media, and shows her work in several galleries. She has taught art and art history from elementary school to college levels, worked as an art museum curator, has operated an art gallery and school of the arts, and has been active in founding and developing community art programs, such as the Northwoods Art Tour. She also leads art and cultural tours in Europe through her business Authentic Travel and Tours.

John Erste

John has been enjoying the island for years and now lives on the island year-round. He is an artist with his paintings representing the various aspects of the island. John enjoys the outdoors and the wildlife around him and is quick to capture a picture of the surroundings. He can be seen frequently on walks and on the beach with his Great Dane, Bruno.