LPC Regranting Gilpin Matthews Exhibit

Grants at Work in the Community

January 8, 2024

The La Pointe Center for the Arts (LPC) participates in a regranting program supported by the Wisconsin State Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts. Each spring the LPC applies the program for funds that must be matched 1:1 by the LPC. The funds are then awarded through a granting program to the Madeline Island community. The La Pointe Center for the Arts Grant is a one-year grant that has provided opportunities for artistic growth and development, community participation, educational and entertaining events.

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Since 1994, the regranting program has funded over $150,000 to artistic projects through the regranting process with the Wisconsin Arts Board. These projects have provided opportunities for artists of all media to pursue their talents.

Artists can explore and develop new ideas, share their talents with the community, and encourage adults and children to explore the arts. Through artistic creativity and expression over the years, the Madeline Island community has experienced theatrical performances, literary arts, visual arts, music, multimedia, workshops, and educational experiences.

Children's Art Exhibit
Peter Coccoma Film Promo

The La Pointe Center celebrates the talent found in our island community and looks forward to future projects and the ability to continue supporting our local artists and build upon the foundation that started years ago. We acknowledge the work and dedication of all the recipients over the years.

Below is a list of previous grants awards.

  • Lydia Caswell – Work and completion of her first novel.
  • Jamie Halder – Three ceramic arts workshops provided to students.
  • Kelsey Peterson – Created a short film of the changing seasons, winter on the island.
  • Holly Tourdot – The creation of twisted twig furniture using buckthorn, demonstrating useful products being created with an invasive species.
  • Peter Coccoma – Narrative Film – “Giro Prepares for Death”
  • Barbara With – Stage reading – “The Last Voyageur”
  • Gilpin Matthews – Photographic Prints
  • Paul DeMain – Mooningwanekaaning Treaty Day Fair
  • Mary Whittaker – ReImagine, Pop-up Workshop & Recology
  • La Pointe School – Artist of the Month
  • Elore Kramer – Percussion and field recording of Lake Superior – “Drifts”
  • Peter Coccoma – Completion and release of first album of music tied to the landscape of the island.
  • Madeline Island Library & Samantha Dobson – La Pointe School Garden Beautification Program
  • St. John’s Church – 100th Anniversary celebrating the history of the church.
  • La Pointe School – Resident Artists

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