2024 LPC June Art Show Reception

June Art Show Reception Was a Great Success!

June 8, 2024

The La Pointe Center Gallery held a reception on June 1, 2024, for artists Gwen Smith-Patterson, Miles R. Turner and Robert Teisberg.

Despite the rainy morning, the sun came out and offered a beautiful June day for people to attend the reception, meet the artists, and appreciate their work and talent.

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Gwen Smith-Patterson is a poet, abstract artist and photographer. Her photography captured moments of inspiration, tranquility and peacefulness.

As attendees admired her work, Gwen shared what captured her interest of the photo.

Gwen Smith-Patterson
Miles Turner's Dad Ken

While Miles Turner was not able to be in attendance, both of his parents were on hand to share information about Miles and his work. His dad, Ken, is pictured here standing in front of one of Miles’ amazing creations.

Mile’s ball point pen drawings were inspirational not only in the content, but in the sizes of the work he produces.

Robert Teisberg was back offering his well-known wood passions. He still amazes us with demonstrating his talents of what can be produced with wood as well as the types of wood used.

This show will continue to run through June 16th. Please stop in to view and our purchase the work provided by these talented artists.

Robert Teisberg

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