La Pointe Center Art Gallery

Since 1991, the La Pointe Center Art Gallery has provided a space for local artists to show and sell their work. Located in downtown La Pointe, the gallery schedules exhibits from early spring throughout the late fall with focus on Madeline Island and the greater Chequamegon Bay area. Exhibit include artists who are well established in their careers as well as those just starting out on their creative venture.

insideThe Front Gallery features two to three week-long shows, which rotate throughout the season. Artist receptions are held on many Saturdays throughout the season, a great opportunity to meet the artists and chat with the Board of Directors, who are the glue behind the gallery. The ‘Back Door Gallery’ features a more permanent collection of artists from the area and their work, including handmade greeting cards, a wide assortment of fine handmade jewelry, hand-knit hats, hand screen printed clothing, gifts for children and babies, ceramics, paintings and many other wonderful handmade items.

Openings are held to celebrate the artists and bring community together to bring them greater appreciation and recognition. Artisans of all media are encouraged to submit their work for consideration of exhibits.

The gallery is also available for use by island artisans as a free studio space during the off season.

As a small, seasonal organization staffed by volunteers, LCA hours are irregular.  Please call 715.747.3321 or email us at lapointecenter at, and we’ll do our best to get back to you with current open hours.

2017 Calendar

May 10- May 14
Reception Thursday May 11
La Pointe Elementary School Kids Art Show

May 15- June 4
Reception May 27
Winter Works Community Show.

June 5- June 25
Reception June 10
Sara Balbin (sculpture), Lissa Flemming (jewelry), Anne Parker (painting)

June 26- July 16
Reception July 1
Missy Donkers (weaving), Katherine Parfet (painting), Phyllis Rieman (jewelry)

July 17- August 6
Reception July 22
Elizabeth Ellis (jewelry), Dolly Schneeberger (weaving),
Tyna Waterhouse (watercolor painting),

August 7- August 27
Reception August 12
Lindsey Law (photography), Linda Law (Jewelry),
Graham Law (Fine Jewelry), Brynne Law (Paintings)

August 28- September 4
Reception September 2
Annie Ferguson Still Life Show

September 5- October 1
Reception September 9
Kristin Lein (ceramics), Gilpin Matthews (printmaking)

October 2- October 21
Reception October 7
Anything Goes Community Show


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