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La Pointe School Art Program

January 8, 2024

The La Pointe School and students have always had a special place in the hearts of the Madeline Island community. Children’s vibrant energy and inquisitiveness are at the heart of any community. Over the years projects and artists have been brought in to enrich the artistic experience for students at the La Pointe School.

These projects have been traditionally shared with the public at the La Pointe Center Gallery’s first exhibit of the season (La Pointe School Art Show). What originally started with individuals applying through the LPC regranting program for school projects, the LPC is proud to now support the school art program directly.

School Print Block Workshop
School Gallery Show

There have been many individuals who have received grants to bring artistic opportunities to children. Some projects have included creating a tile mural, weaving, adventure camp, theater, summer arts, greeting cards, gardening, and many others. We acknowledge and thank those individuals throughout the years, and currently, who continue to provide a talent and artistic enthusiasm for children to explore and enjoy the arts. 

The La Pointe Center for the Arts encourages individuals to continue to apply to the regranting program with project ideas for children.

During the 2022-23 school year three local artists worked with students, providing backgrounds of various artists, discussing techniques, inspiration and creating projects in which students applied skills and techniques learned.

School Design Workshop

Jami Halder introduced students to Georgia O’Keefe watercolor and Eric Carle’s collage. Gilpin Matthews introduced students to M.C. Escher and 3-dimensional drawing. Grace Hogan introduced students to Deborah Butterfield and Alexander Caldor.

In 2023-24, visiting artists will continue to share their inspirations and techniques to inspire students in their own art and skill development. During the month of October, Giplin Matthews completed a printmaking class in which the students designed and screen-printed their own shirts.

In November, Sarah Holst is working with students doing a drawing unit using colored pencils and pens. Stay tuned on our website and social media for updates on the upcoming season!

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