2024 LPC Grant Recipients

Meet the 2024 LPC Grant Recipients!

July 5, 2024

Every year, the La Pointe Center for the Arts applies for a grant from the Wisconsin Art’s Board. Once the amount is received, the LPC matches the grant dollar for dollar, allowing for grants opportunities in our community. LPC relies on donations from businesses and individuals to make granting money available available and possible to artists.

Meet our 2024 grant recipients, Becky Wygonik, Connie Ross, & Steve McHugh.

WI Arts Board 50th Anniversary

Becky Wygonik

Live Art is back on Madeline Island. After a two to three decade sabbatical, islanders will be treated to a Live Art Puppet Workshop and Parade with an “Elders” theme. Becky, along with her colleagues received an LPC grant and will gather the community for “elder-led” conversations, introduce cardboard sculpture creations, host community meals and facilitate open build opportunities on Madeline Island.

Grandmother jingle dress dancer

Grandmother jingle dress dancer.

Connie Ross

For her entire life, Connie has considered art to be her passion. She loves experimenting with new mediums, techniques, and forms. With her LPC grant, Connie enrolled in a class at the Madeline Island School of the Arts, entitled “Experimental Collage.” She plans to cultivate her new techniques into three weekly lessons for the La Pointe School summer students. We look forward to seeing what these young, up-and-coming artists create with Connie’s guidance.

Connie Ross

Connie Ross

Steve McHugh

Madeline Island artist Steve McHugh plans to expand his artistic practice to include ceramics and sculpture. Using his LPC grant, Steve plans to take a couple of classes in a paper / clay process in an art center in Florida. Watch for his exhibit at the La Pointe Gallery during the summer of 2025, where Steve will showcase the works he created using the new techniques he acquired over the winter.

Steve McHugh

Steve McHugh

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