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Positivity Children’s Theatre has facilitated child-oriented theater programs for many years on the island. It was designed to support the creative energy of children in a fun and innovative atmosphere through drama, music, and movement.

Local playwrights, actors, artists, and musicians facilitate each program. The scripts are original in content and are often based on the history and stories of Madeline Island and the Chequamegon Bay area.

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Positivity Children's Theatre Performance

Positivity Children’s Theatre (PCT) began in 1994. It started at Richter Hartig’s pole barn on Big Bay Road. The first production was in the summer of 1994, a play written by Natalie Lucy, entitled “The Girl, The Fish, and the Medallion.

In 1997, the program moved to the La Pointe School gymnasium. In 2022, rehearsals and productions moved to Nelson Recreation Center on the LPC Stagemobile.

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Enjoy some images and video from past PCT performances.

Positivity Theater was really fun. It gave me something to do in the summer. I learned about acting and the different parts it takes to put together a play. I loved being able to act, sing and dance during summer on Madeline.

Kaisa Steenbergen, age 9

I learned how to act in the summer theater. I liked spending time with people working towards the same thing. My confidence grew speaking and singing in front of so many people, but I felt more relaxed since Madeline Island gives me that feeling.

Natalia Steenbergen, age 11

As choreographer and assistant director during Positivity Theater, I was given such a great opportunity to work with children who were open to learning and moving their bodies in ways they may have not before. Dance is a gift and comes in so many forms.

Being on Madeline Island and taking in the theme of this year’s show, allowed me to study and share some of the Ukrainian culture and movement to share with the children in the theatre program. Having access to the outdoors, the mobile stage, and the shaded pavilion and changing area made this experience so unique and refreshing. It was so rewarding to be part of such a positive, eclectic theatre program in an atmosphere that promotes acceptance and personal growth.

Lara Andary, Choreographer & Assistant Director

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Positivity Children’s Theatre 2022: The COVID Chronicles

Save the Date! Positivity Children’s Theatre 2016

Positivity Children’s Theatre 2017

Summer Performances

Venue Location

Harry Nelson Rec Center
(the ball park)
Chebomnicon Rd. at Rice St.
La Pointe, WI 54850