Madeline Island Jingle Dress Dancer Debut, September 30, 2018

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Barbara With, 715.209.5471
Katherine Morrisseau 715.919.4945

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The Madeline Island Jingle Dress Dancer will debut September 30 on Madeline Island, with other activities also planned throughout the day. All jingle dress dancers are invited to come and dance. Schedule is subject to change so please check for updates. There is a map of Madeline Island below. (Photo above: Bob Jauch)

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Treaty Day Schedule

6:54 AM Sunrise, Anishnabe Cemetery
Please join us in thought and prayers with pipes, song, or simply in spirit as we move forward from wherever we may be in this moment of remembrance of those who have walked before us. Although there is no “formal” event scheduled at this time, it is usual that pipe carriers have arrived at sunrise at the anishnabe cemetery, aka Ojibwe Memorial Park. (See map below)

10 AM to 12 PM, Anishnabe Cemetery
Chief Buffalo’s Pipe, which was created and used for the purpose of the La Pointe negotiations, was recently returned by the ancestors of Benjamin Armstrong, adopted son and interpreter to Buffalo through the negotiations. Gathering intends for an open forum for Treaty discussion and a spirit plate will be offered at this time for Buffalo from descendants.

11 AM to 1 PM, Rec Center
Birch Hill Community House youth and Honor The Earth

11 AM to 1 PM, Informal Lunch Options
Joanie’s Beach and Cemetery: Some tribes are preparing and sending sandwiches/bag lunches with and for elders. Check with your tribe to see if your tribe is one of them.
St. John’s Church: Pastor Marina Lechecki Retirement Potluck Luncheon. All are welcome.

1 PM to 2 PM, Anishnabe Cemetery
Jingle Dress Dancers Dancing for Healing: Wisconsin tribal and greater Chequamegon Bay built a supersized Jingle Dress Dancer to dance on the anniversary of the 1854 Treaty, intending to gather commUNITY in the interest of healing at this place of prophecy of our Anishnabe! Hundreds have worked together for most of this year to create our dancer with and for the people. Join us in calling in healing spirits to our commUNITY. Red Cliff Anishnabe Kwe Carolyn Gouge will lead our dancers.

2 PM to 5:30 PM, Rec Center Pavillion
POT LUCK – TREATY DAY SPEAKERS – Long Hairz Collective Concert
Hosted by La Pointe Center’s Barbara With, invited speakers include Joe Rose, Marina Lachecki, Frank Montano and more. Please bring a dish to share if you are able for our community pot luck.

3:30 PM to 5:30 PM Long Hairz Collective:

Annie Humphrey and the Long Hairz Collective are a diverse group of artist/activist water protectors promoting environmental justice through music, spoken word and cultural organizing. Featuring Annie along with Native American singer-songwriters Allison Radell and Joe Reilly, and African American and Mixed MC and spoken word artists Will See and Peace Be Free. The Long Hairz Collective was formed on the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus in 2000 and draws from Black communities in Detroit and Native communities in Minnesota and Northern Michigan, weaving a networks of mutual support throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Congratulations to Annie Humphrey, nominated for six 2018 Native American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year, Best Americana Recording, Best Folk Recording, Record of the Year (The Beast and the Garden), Best Song of the Year (St. John & Mikum) and Best Music Video Recording (St. John & Mikum).

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TRANSPORTATION TO ISLAND: Madeline Island ferry Line 715-747-2051.
RED CLIFF has provided 100 round trip passenger tickets for Red Cliff Tribal Elders and families through RC ICW and elderly. Contact tribal admin at : 715-779-3700
Please contact your Tribe about ferry scholarships.
On-island transportation will be available.

For more information, or to donate or volunteer
Text or call Katherine @715-919-4945 or Barbara @715-209-5471

Other events

Native Artists Registry, Rec Center
The Native Arts Registry, a collection of Native artists and their work.  The Registry is being created that will empower Native artists to become vendors that can sell directly to commercial establishments and interested buyers.  Artists can also visit on Treaty Day and sign up to be on the Registry. Look for our information at the Rec Center.

Early Life Among the Indians
Mad Island Communications has published Early Life Among the Indians, the memoirs of Benjamin Armstrong first published in 1892. This edition includes a forward by anishinabe kwe Sandy Gokee, with a special message from the 7th generation. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to support Wisconsin Mandatory Act 31, which requires Wisconsin schools to teach accurate Native American History. The Madeline Island Jingle Dress Dancer will become a traveling icon to educate and inspire Wisconsin teacher to take the challenge. Early Life Among the Indians provides accurate historical reference from which to teach. Contact Mad Island Communications at 715.209.5471 to learn more or to purchase copies. Buy online at:

10 AM – Noon Pastor Marina Lachecki Retirement, St. John’s Church
After serving St. John’s Church and Spiritual Center for 24 years, Marina will celebrate her last service that Sunday morning. Afterward the congregation will be hosting her going-away potluck in the basement of the St. John’s church. All are welcome. Marina has brought a message of reconciliation during her tenure, and has actively supported local tribes for years, standing for treaty rights during the walleye wars, helping to organize water walks on the island with Bad River and Red Cliff, and hosting monthly moon ceremonies.

Great Lakes Islands Summit, Oct 1-2, 2018
This year’s summit will bring together island community leaders from all around the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River region to discuss the unique challenges of living, working, and playing on islands. This year’s summit will focus topics relevant to all Great Lakes island communities including water levels, affordable housing, energy production, and economic survival. Many are coming a day early to attend Treaty Day.

Annie Humphrey and her mother Ann, working on the dress

Her hair

Jingles, and hand prints collected from community members throughout the summer


Thanks to our many community partners, including but not limited to:

Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Tribal Council
Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Tribal Council
Bayfield School District/Jeff Gordon, Superintendent
Carolyn Gouge, Red Cliff Tribal Member
Marvin Defoe, Red Cliff Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Jean Gordon, Red Cliff Tribal Administration Secretary
Gretchen Morris, Red Cliff ICW Director, Social Services Division of the Red Cliff Tribe
Shaleena Demirkol, Red Cliff member/owner Manypenny Cafe
Big Top Chautauqua
Madeline Island Public Library
Madeline Island Rec Center
Anishinabe Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
Native American Education Technologies/Paul DeMain
Chequamegon Bay Arts Council
Bayfield Chamber of Commerce/Executive Director David Eades
Jeremy Oswald, Washburn City Council, Bayfield County Board of Supervisors
Joe Rose, Sr., Bad River Tribal Member, District 12 Ashland County Board of Supervisors
Kathleen Russell, Apostle Islands Realty Owner/Broker
Lorna Gamble, Director of Red Cliff Native Connections, Grants Manager of the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Support, Mishomis House Day Treatment Center
Denise Cloud, Bad River Tribal Member, Elder
Nixola Cloud, Bad River Tribal Member, Elder

Madeline Island Jingle Dress Dancer Potluck Today 5 PM Rec Center

Come and join us for a sneak preview of the Madeline Island Jingle Dress Dancer. For the past two weeks, we have been hosting the construction of this dancer at the Rec Center. Overseen by artist Chris Lutter and guided by anishinabe kwes and jingle dress dancers Kather Morrisseau (Red Cliff) and Annie Humphrey (Leech Lake), construction of our dancer  has engaged over 65 people to help with her creation. Tonight at 5 PM we celebrate and share a meal with those who helped, and those who are interested in her meaning.

The Dancer will debut on Treaty Day, September 30 on Madeline Island. Stay tuned for details of that event.

Madeline Island Jingle Dress Dancer Underway

The clay cast of her head

This week, artist Christopher Lutter arrived on Madeline Island to begin construction of a 12′ jingle dress dancer. Chris is a designer, sculptor, theater-maker and community educator whose work revolves around the design, construction and performance of puppets, masks, props, costumes, theatrical inventions, kinetic-sets and sculptural installations.

Lutter is being guided by anishinabe kwes and jingle dress dancers Katherine Morrisseau of Red Cliff and Annie Humphrey from Leech Lake. Together they will create a super-sized dancer in a traditional format, with beadwork, jingles and features to create a sculpture that can be worn and eventually dance.

This project was originally inspired by Native and non-Native community members coming together to find solutions to understand the  differences between our two cultures. The dancer was conceived as a way to build a healing bridge back to Mooningwaanikaaning (Madeline Island) for the Anishinabe, the First Nation who inhabited the island as a sacred, central gathering place. Morrisseau spent the summer on the Pow Wow Trail through northern Wisconsin collecting hand prints from the community to be a part of the calico of her dress.

This week, we will gather all those materials in one place to bring her to life. Help is needed for the many steps required to create the dancer: rolling of the  jingles; paper mache of her hands, feet and face; many more hand prints are needed to make the calico of her dress. Lutter will be stationed at the Harry Nelson Rec Center for the next two weeks to help bring our Jingle Dress Dancer to life. All are welcome to come and be a part of her creation.

Also on Wednesday, August 15, we will hold a Jingle Dress Puppet Workshop with Annie Humphrey, Yazmin Bowers & Michelle Large-MacDaniels at Big Top Chautauqua as a part of the Native American Culture & Community Connections Event. Start time is 3:30 PM.


Annie Humphrey and Yazmin

The Dancer will make her debut on Treaty Day on Madeline Island, September 30, 2018. She will be a part of the greater celebration, and all are welcome to attend.

Also arriving on Mooningwaanikaaning on August 16 will be project sponsor Honor the  Earth, fresh from their 6th Annual Love Water Not Oil Tour. Winona LaDuke and company have been riding their horses along the proposed pipeline route Line 3 against the current of the oil while connecting with the land and spiritually celebrating the abundance of the Anishinaabe Akiing with friends of horses nations from all directions. Join us in opposing the single most largest oil pipeline in the world and support moving towards the green path; a sustainable, kind economy. We will be celebrating Winona LaDuke’s Annual Birthday Party/Fundraiser at Tom’s Burned Down Cafe. The Jingle Dress Dancer Project will be selling fry bread at the Rec Center.

For more information about the Madeline Island Jingle Dress Dancer Project, go here.

To donate to the project, click here:


Jingle Dress Dancer Camp Begins August 13 at Rec Center

Come join us as we continue our journey to creating a 12′ tall jingle dress dancer. This workshop, running August 13-17 and August 20-24, will be led by Christopher Lutter as he begins the design and construction of the dancer using the elements collected throughout the summer and under the guidance of Anishinabe jingle dress dancer makers. Many hands are need to help make the jingles, bead the mocs, belt, and leggings, craft her face and hands and sew her dress. All are welcome!

Also, workshop with Annie Humphrey, Yazmin Bowers and Michelle Large-MacDaniels at Big Top Chautauqua Wednesday, August 15 at 3:30 PM. Shuttle leaves Bayfield ferry lot at 3:20 PM and returns approximately 7:30 PM after the feast.

Jingle Dress Dancer will debut September 30, 2018 on Treaty Day on Madeline Island.  Jingle dress dancers are welcome to join the dance that day, celebrating the healing that she invites us to participate in on Mooningwaaknikaaning, the original Ojibwe name for Madeline Island.